Battery disposal

Batteries and our other products need to be disposed of carefully as we seek to take good care of the environment we live in.  The way in which this is achieved varies vastly and the best way of finding out what to do is to ask the retailer or distributor from which you bought the product. Each country has different regulations in place on how to dispose of your batteries. We advise you to contact your local authorities to establish the safe disposal route for our products in your town.

The information below provides an indication of how such things operate in Europe and North America.

North America

As our primary batteries are environmentally friendly, they respect federal regulations in the US such that they can be discarded with your household waste products.

In Canada and the USA an initiative exists which facilitates the recycling of rechargeable batteries.  More details can be found on the Call2Recycle website.


In the EU a battery directive operates which means that retailers have a duty to provide collection points for batteries which can then be recycled.  Local authorities may also provide a service covering their area.  You are very strongly advised to make use of this service.

Other European Regulations

For items containing electronic parts, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment regulation applies.  This attempts to ensure that this equipment is also recycled in the best possible way.  Normally our products will meet one or other of these regulations.

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