Help and Advice

We, at Strand, want to provide you with the greatest care and attention we can.  Are you having trouble choosing which battery suits your device needs?  Please browse our inventory on the website.  Our handy search bar can easily direct you to the product you need.  We try and provide you with all the information you may need regarding each battery, its characteristics, its uses, etc

If you have any questions on our product, whether it be information on how it works, how to use it, or any other problem you may encounter; we invite you to have a look at our FAQs section.  If your battery has malfunctioned, and this problem hasn't been explained in the FAQ, we encourage you to contact your local distributor about the problem.  You can either do this through your local shop where you bought the battery, or through our Contact Us page.  We welcome all of your comments so that we can improve our products and continue to bring you the highest quality product.


If you are interested in distributing our batteries and wish to learn more about our product quality and prices, please contact our sales team via our distributor page.


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